Laser vein surgery

What it means? How does it help? And should this method be treated?

Laser surgery to remove veins in the legs, was the first innovative surgery of its kind that successfully replaced the classic “stripping” surgery.

This surgery, preceded by other existing technologies that include: surgery using radio waves, surgery using steam and treatment with foam injections.

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Why is this method good?

Significantly reduced suffering compared to old methods!

First thing first, I want to make clear, the treatment is not painful, the insertion of the needle and the tube is done under local anesthesia. In addition, mechanization that the treatment does not include cuts, rapid recovery and mild pain. (Painkillers can be treated)

After years of experience I can say that the surgery is a successful type of surgery that has helped a very large amount of my patients.

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How we do it?

What is done during the surgery?

This surgery is a minimally invasive surgery.
Using a needle, an optical fiber of laser is threaded into the diseased vein. This procedure is performed under the supervision and guidance of an ultrasound.

Through the insertion of the needle, the optical fiber is positioned along the vein, and when the optical fiber is positioned precisely, the attending physician connects the fiber to the laser device.

The laser device produces the laser beam and is the one that raises the temperature inside the vein to about 240 degrees Celsius.

The vein wall contracts and burns, while the laser device pulls the optical fiber back out, at a speed of 1 or 2 millimeters per second.

The vein is clogged and over time degenerates, breaks down and is absorbed, so that after a few months the vein disappears.

The branches of the treated vein are not torn, as is the case with stripping.
Recovery is quick and easy thanks to this technology.
The length of the treatment ranges from 30 to 40 minutes

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Some questions that you probably would want to ask:

Vein removal using laser technology is designed to treat the main veins belonging to the superficial venous system.

These veins include:

The great shipping vein and the little shipping vein.

Both of these veins cause most of the vein problems in the legs.

Laser surgery to treat veins is painless, needle insertion is performed precisely under ultrasound guidance

Under local anesthesia in the patient area, and sedation.

This treatment method does not require incisions, so the pain after surgery is mild, a pain that can be treated with painkillers.

Recovery time is fast, returning to daily activities is almost immediate.

The patient will receive medical instructions such as wearing an elastic stocking, for a week and performing physical activity (walks), in order to maintain proper movement and blood flow.

Prolonged standing should be avoided.

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