Cosmetic treatments

What it means? What treatments do we offer? And how you get started?

In recent times, more and more new treatments are coming out that make it possible to perform cosmetic treatments without the need for a surgical procedure. What it means? The risk decreases significantly and the treatments in many cases become more accessible to the general public.

So what common cosmetic treatments are there? How do they affect us? And is it even worth doing such a treatment?

We value your health!

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1. Injection of botulinum toxin

What it means? What is the medical procedure? And what are the implications for our body?

Botulinum toxin is a toxin, a protein produced by a bacterium, that blocks the release of the substance that causes a nerve stimulus in a certain area 2-1 cm in diameter around the injection site. The muscle that does not receive the stimulus stops moving and contracting. After a period of 6-4 months The effect of botulinum toxin and muscle returns to work as before.

Because it is a foreign protein to the body, there is a possibility that 5% of the population will develop antibodies to botulinum toxin and it will not affect them. This can happen when botulinum toxin is re-injected at short intervals of a few weeks (usually a correction can be made two weeks after treatment if the result is not optimal). In this case, the patient is exposed to too much protein, which may create antibodies in him. Therefore, it is advisable to inject the right amount and not overdo it.

We value your health!

2. Fillers for the face

What are these materials? And what are the implications for our body?

Unlike the biological glue method, laser surgery, radio waves and steam are methods based on the high temperature they produce, following which the vein is damaged, closes and goes out of action.

In these methods, in order to prevent damage of tissues adjacent to the patient’s area, local anesthesia is needed around the vein and along its entire length to isolate it from the environment. Using these methods sometimes causes trauma to the tissues surrounding the vein, which can lead to edema and pain and rarely – damage to sensory nerves, nerve pain or temporary loss of sensation.

We value your health!