Capillaries in the legs

What are the treatments? Are there any side effects? How long is the treatment?

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The capillaries belong to the vascular system and are the smallest blood vessels in the body.

The capillaries can hardly be seen in normal human vision.

The capillaries are the continuation of the small arteries, which carry the oxygenated blood to the tissues on one side, and to the small veins that return the blood with the waste to the other side.

The passage of nutrients from the body, from the arterial side of the capillaries to the cells, and the passage of waste from the cells to the venous side of the capillaries, is made possible by a single-layered wall of the capillaries, as opposed to the three-layered venous wall.

The function of the veins is to transport blood back to the tissues and back.

The role of the capillaries, is to carry the blood into the tissues and maintain the metabolism.

The red color of the arteries, is the existence of blood with the oxygen carried by it.

The blue color of the veins, symbolizes the blood that carries waste (carbon dioxide, lactic acid …).


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How do prominent veins form in the legs?

Description of the process of varicose vein formation.

Capillaries in the legs dilate for two main reasons:

Genetic predisposition

Venous insufficiency

In most cases capillaries in the legs appear and dilate due to a genetic predisposition,

You regardless of the condition of the venous system.

Normal capillaries can only carry one row of red blood cells, because they are very small and indistinguishable.

The diseased capillaries dilate and carry several layers of red blood cells, this phenomenon allows them to be seen on the surface of the skin.

(Spider Veins)

In a condition where there is venous insufficiency, that is, the diseased veins are unable to direct the blood within them towards the heart against gravity, a pressure is created that causes the blood to pass through the capillaries that over time, dilate and become visible.

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Aesthetics and health

Are Varicose Veins In The Legs A Health Problem?

It should be noted that capillaries in the legs – dilated capillaries are not a medical problem.

The capillaries in the legs, are not painful and do not cause other complications as can happen with dilated veins (varicose veins). Capillaries are only a static problem and the appearance of the foot can be improved with the help of cosmetic treatments.

Without treatment, the capillaries tend to spread across the skin very slowly.

The treatment does not cure the problem as it is a genetic defect but can improve the appearance of the leg significantly though, also temporarily.

When it comes to capillaries in the dilated legs all as a result of venous medals, the medical problem must be treated first – i.e. the veins and then the capillaries.

The varicose veins are a medical problem, so the diseased veins carry the blood under pressure into the capillaries, which does not allow the capillaries to close but only after the veins that feed them are closed.

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